Newyddion Diwydiant

Mae angen i law parhaus, bloc lifer â llaw wneud gwaith atal rhwd


Eleni, mae sawl ardal o'n gwlad wedi bod yn lawog, a nawr mae angen i ni wneud gwaith da o atal rhwd i'rbloc lifer â llaw. Gellir defnyddio'r bloc lifer ar sawl achlysur, ond mae angen osgoi defnyddio'rbloc lifer â llaw mewn tywydd glawog i wella bywyd gwasanaeth y bloc lifer a chynnal perfformiad defnydd y bloc lifer. Gwnewch waith cynnal a chadw ar gyfer y teclyn codi lifer mewn tywydd glawog. Mae deunydd ybloc lifer is metal, and most of the metal has the defect of rust. Doing good maintenance work can avoid the danger of rusting on the lever hoist and extend thebloc lifer. The service life improves its operational safety. If the project is more urgent and the amount of precipitation is particularly low, people can consider building a canopy for lifting work, but it must be maintained in time after use.